Because There’s Clean, and There’s KLEAN.


Whether you’re located in an office, retail, or manufacturing setting, image counts and impressions last. Our business is making sure that your image is always tip top. That’s why more companies like banks, grocery stores, car dealerships, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, and manufacturing facilities rely on the professional strength cleaning services of Business KLEAN.


For nearly two decades, we’ve built our reputation around one thing – doing the job right. Our dependable, qualified personnel are supplied with the right equipment, materials and know-how, to consistently deliver superior cleaning results.


Your business and cleaning needs are unique. That’s why our first order of business is to consult with you to understand your scheduling, budget, and cleaning priorities, so we can customize our services to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a hire standard of clean for your business, GO KLEAN.

Remove allergens from your home

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