Home Fire Safety Checklist.

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Cooking Safety.

(leading cause of home fires)

Does an adult always stay in the kitchen when food is cooking on the stove?

Are stove tops and counters clean and uncluttered?

Are there pot holders within easy reach of the stove?

Are pot handles turned inward so they canʼt be bumped?

Are curtains and other things that can burn well away from the stove?

Is there a "kid-free" zone of three feet around the stove when cooking?

Heating Safety

Are portable space heaters always turned off when you leave the room or go to sleep?

If space heaters are used in your home, are they at least three feet away from anything else that can burn, including people, furniture, and pets?

Does your fireplace have a sturdy screen to catch sparks?

Has your chimney been inspected and cleaned during the past year?

Has your furnace been serviced by a professional in the past year?

Are propane tanks and other fuels stored outside your home?

Do you empty your lint trap in your clothes dryer frequently? Have you had your dryer vents cleaned in the past year?

Have you and your family practiced a home fire drill within the last six months? (Why not do one tonight?)

Do you know the fire departmentʼs emergency phone number (which should be called from a neighborʼs or nearby phone once you get outside)

Electrical Safety

Are extension cords used safely? (Are they not under carpets or across doorways?)

Are electrical cords in good condition, without cracks or frayed areas? (Always unplug lamps and appliances before inspecting the cords.)

Are kitchen appliances – such as the coffee-maker, toaster oven, and microwave – plugged into separate receptacle outlets?

Smoke Alarms/Fire Escape

Does your home have smoke alarms on every level, including the basement, and outside each sleeping area?

Are the batteries working in all your smoke alarms? (Push the test buttons to find out.)

Are all the exits in your home clear of furniture, toys, and clutter?

Does your family have a home fire escape plan that includes two exits,usually a door and a window, from each room?

Has your family picked a safe place to meet outside after you exit your home?


Fire fighters respond to a home fire every 85 seconds. Please take a few moments to follow these simple guidelines. It can help keep your home and family safe.

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